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              Managanese ore
              Chrome ore
              Nickel Ore
            Add:R1701,C Zone ,Sunny Int'l
              Trading Center,Haibin Road,
            Traffic routes:35/43/102/103/941

            Jiangsu Allpraise International Trading Co., Ltd., located at the beginning of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge (Lianyungang), makes full use of the advantages of the port, and strives to be a stronger and more professional corporation in mineral fields. We are mainly engaged our effort in import and export business field such as manganese, nickel, iron ore, chrome ore, Coke, steel, pig iron, and so on. 
                  Since its foundation, we have set up and maintain a good business relations with many importers and exporters from India, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries. With our company growing up and business expanding, we establish a good cooperative relationship with a great number of steel companies and enterprises of smelting nickel-iron alloy in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu, Inner mongolia and other areas and gradually form a logistics and distribution system on a basis of Lianyungang, Rizhao Port and Lanshan Port. Our company’s prospect is very good.
                   Covering the business in the field of  mineral products , we timely have access to the chemical, metal and other trade areas. We provide our clients with quality services adhering to the philosophy "customer foremost, forge ahead" and the principle "customers first" .Because of our long-term mutually profitable cooperative relations, a great number of our clients rely on us absolutely .
                   As a talent-oriented company, we have a group of talents good at management and skillful in operating mineral foreign trade, which is beneficial for our company’s prosperity and sustainable development ,and in the meantime provides a strong guarantee for customers with first-class high-efficiency service.

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